There are real advantages to the CP Group team having divisions for different specialties, under one roof.

Richard Price, Advanced MRF’s General Manager, has helped me tremendously over the years on a routine basis. He and his team are very knowledgeable and have a great understanding of the industry from a programming and systems intelligence perspective.

Just recently, employees from CP and Advanced MRF paid a visit to my single stream facility in San Luis Obispo, CA, to help me with screen adjustments and system upgrades to my Office Interface System- Advanced MRF’s application of SCADA. Within a day and a half, my screens were adjusted and the efficiency and throughput of my system drastically improved. I am very pleased with the service received, and am benefiting from increased efficiencies on both a mechanical and operational basis. I plan to continue to retrofit my facility with CP Group equipment to improve throughput and quality of materials even further… and, they are great to work with!

John Ryan
Facility Manager, Waste Connections
Cold Canyon Processing Facility


I have worked with CP Manufacturing for the past 20 years and have reviewed equipment design and installations in numerous facilities, starting with the dual-stream, curb-sorted systems. When the first single-streams were being installed I suggested CP engineers take a look at what actions were required by workers to clean screens and how often they needed to do this, as well as what it took to lock and tag-out the system. They rose to the challenge- We discussed raising the bar on industry safety and I believe CP has. Their corporate policy of openness and willingness to listen to customers and industry partners is a key factor in their success in building a system that has, over the years, continuously improved worker safety and efficiency. I am pleased to see CP continuously focus on incorporating safety principles into their equipment design, and I look forward to seeing what is next from them.

Susan Eppes
President, EST Solutions
Environmental Industry Association Hall of Fame 2012


I have just recently (Saturday, May 26th, 2012) pulled our CD2000 out of service at Action Recycling, Inc in Spokane Washington.  We had purchased this machine used from another recycler about 10 years ago. It has run about 7 hours a day, 6 days a week since then.  We have had the welded in liners replaced twice, and the ram rebuilt about 4 times.

Even still talking to customers and other recyclers, I still tell them how much abuse we put that machine through, even though it was 15 years old when we purchased it.  We still tell everyone that machine was the best we’ve owned, and still recommend people who are looking for a machine to contact CP. We would have loved to find another one of these machines, or an equal replacement, it’s only due to the size and footprint of your new machines we were forced to go with a different machine.

I don’t know exactly how many millions of pounds of cans this machine has densified, but it is a great machine.  I know every time we’ve called for parts on this machine, the people that we talk to cannot believe that one of these is still in service; but it was… Until Saturday!

Glen Ahlborn
Action Recycling
Spokane, Washington


CP Group helped us design and build this (McMRF) system. No one else wanted to come into the small communities and put in a full scale MRF like this. What you see today is a system that can handle up to 3,000 tons a month- it is different, it is new, and it is doing a great job. It’s cleaner, it is modernized, and it is a state-of-the-art facility.

Ray Howard
Sonoco Recycling


As a facility manager of a high volume single stream MRF, and now as a Region Manager, I must say that I am a big advocate of CP Manufacturing, they’ve always been very responsive to all of my needs. I’m very impressed with their customer service and training that they supply to ensure a facilities successful start-up and long-term operation and maintenance. I know and can see how much the entire CP team cares about our success.

Over the past 5 years, I have worked with CP and their processing systems at 4 different material recovery facilities. We are very pleased with our newest facility designed and installed by CP in Beacon, NY.  My initial exposure to CP and its equipment was in the Hartford, CT facility. That’s system, from initial startup still does what is designed to do, and does it very well. The equipment CP manufactures is durable and drives results– throughput with minimal downtime.  CP has exceeded our expectations with the overall design and the system performance.

Ron Santos
Northeast Regional Manager


After an extensive RFP process that included presentations to our management group, CP Manufacturing and their subsidiary CP Europe, were chosen as the successful vendor to design, build and install our Recycling  Divisions’ new 50 TPH Single Stream MRF at Edmonton.

As Divisional Engineering Manager for, then Greenstar, now Biffa, I was responsible for the final design, successful installation and startup of the MRF. I worked very closely with CP from the initial design stage to final design acceptance and then through the manufacturing stage and installation.

Throughout the process CP focused on our final goal, the delivery of a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of London. CP’s approach of being our partner in the development of the project from day one ensured that the design focused on the key performance deliverables, quality and reliability, throughout the design stage of the project.

In particular CP was very open and always receptive to my ideas for the layout of the plant and included a number of my ideas in the layout of equipment.  Whether it was collaboration on the design or incorporating suggestions, based on my experience of running other facilities, CP always valued my ideas and incorporated them whenever possible into the design which ultimately culminated in an excellent facility for Biffa.

Subsequent to the acceptance of the facility, CP has continued its partnership with Biffa by supporting us in our day-to-day maintenance operations and continued upgrades to the facility.

CP has displayed the kind of attitude and acceptance of ideas that has allowed us to build the type of relationship that we need to keep moving forward and achieving the goals set out by our management team.

Neil Arlett
Divisional Engineering Manager, Biffa
United Kingdom


I have a very close working relationship with the team at CP Manufacturing. I have been working with CP for a little over a decade and continue to work with them because of the responsiveness of their team and the effectiveness of their equipment.  They installed Lee County’s first comingled sort line, and we have recently expanded the building and converted it into a single stream facility that processes about 60,000 tons per year. We are very happy with the new installation by CP and we are looking into enhancing our glass clean-up system as well. Even though they are in California and our facility is in Florida, we can always get 24 hour response if needed. We take great pride in shipping out clean end-products, and CP helps us achieve that.

Joe Lewandowski
Plant Manager, ReCommunity
Lee County, FL


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